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At Kramer Technologies we believe that software development is about more than just interfaces and interactions: It’s about scalability, reliability and supportability, data and security.   With over a decade of enterprise-class software development experience, our enterprise development group has expertise in data modeling, networking, service oriented architectures, rules engines, distributed systems and cloud computing. We have partnered with Microsoft and Cisco to develop and implement solutions robust enough for even the largest companies to build their businesses on.

Support throughout the entire Development Lifecycle

All Kramer Technologies products are designed to minimize customer maintenance and support and are backed by a team of subject matter experts to help you every step of the way. Our small interdisciplinary teams work in wide-open collaborative spaces and thrive on solving complex problems and building great software together. They rely on our user-driven agile development approach that combines user centered design with agile, test driven development, disciplined source control and continuous builds to generate great software faster and with less risk

At Kramer Technologies, you get the confidence and convenience that comes with partnering with one company throughout the entire software development life cycle. No more finger pointing. No more surprises. Just a company dedicated to your success.

  • Vision: Software product strategy, product concept development, user research, UI prototyping and technology proof of concept. Usability and user experience are at the center of our software development process. We pay close attention to how the software or application fits within the user’s main activities, tasks, life cycle, and needs. We design for those goals, and test our designs with users. The result: applications people want to use
  • Implementation: Designing, developing and maintaining software releases across multiple technologies
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Test driven development, automated and manual quality assurance testing, performance and usability testing
  • Infrastructure and Network Consulting: including network security, data center provisioning, and network architecture.
  • Support: 24×7 Level 2 and 3 application support, network support

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