Hospital & Healthcare Registration QA Revenue Cycle Software Solutions

Hospital Registration QA Software SolutionsKramer Healthcare Technologies, located in Orlando, FL has been providing solutions to the healthcare industry since 1995.  Our dedication and commitment to our customers has lead to the innovative integration of our suite of Revenue Cycle Solutions.

RQi™ (Registration Quality Improvement) is an automated, web-based solution designed to detect and flag errors for correction prior to discharge and billing. Enterprise and Professional versions are suitable for larger hospitals and healthcare systems, and for smaller and independent hospitals. Read more about our Registration QA solutions

RQi patient identity™ allows compliance with the FTC's new Red Flags rule. Read more about our Patient Identity Verification solution

RQi patient address™ provides real-time updates to USPS and secondary listings. Read more about our Patient Address Verification solution

RQi patient payment advisor™ is Kramer Healthcare Technologies's price transparency tool. It is a contracts-based patient portion estimator. Read more about our Price Transparency solution

RQi practice management™ is designed specifically to enhance the accuracy of patient visits. Read more about our Physician's Office solution

MCc managed care contract compliance is a web-based Compliance System with on-site system matrix and processing reviews. Read more about our Managed Care Contract solution

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