RQi™ (Registration Quality Improvement)

RQi™ is an automated, web-based solution designed to detect and flag errors for correction prior to discharge and billing. RQi™ utilizes an intricate and customized set of business rules that improve accuracy and provides staff training.

Kramer Healthcare Technologies offers RQi™ in two versions for all types and sizes of hospitals and healthcare systems. Both versions of RQi are fully integrated with our full suite of Revenue Cycle solutions and are contractually guaranteed.

Benefits of RQi:

  • INCREASED Revenue!
  • 100% Registration QA through staff empowerment!
  • Web-based!
  • Fully Integrated!
  • Complete analysis of registration error statistics and trending!
  • Client driven rules-based solution!
  • Convenient work list in a dashboard format!
  • Ease of building rules results in quick turnaround for new opportunities!
  • Customized logic-based patented rules engine!
  • SAS70 Compliant!
  • Optimize staff productivity and accuracy!
  • National Revenue Cycle Support team!
  • Hierarchical reporting – roll-up data for:
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Supervisors

RQi™ (Registration Quality Improvement) EnterpriseRQi enterprise™

RQi enterprise is suitable for all types of facilities and ideal for larger hospitals and healthcare systems.

  • Simultaneous real-time and batch submission
  • Catch and correct errors at POS while patient is present
  • Batch editing nightly for post registration errors
  • Pulls from fields in HL7 and ADT fields

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RQi practice management™

RQi practice management is designed specially to enhance the accuracy of patient visits.

  • Reviews 100% of patient visits
  • Utilizes real-time web verification on the front-end
  • Eliminates errors in patient visits for cleaner billing
  • Increases collections from third party payors
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RQi price estimator™

RQi price estimator™ is Kramer Healthcare Technologies’s price transparency tool. 

  • Advises patient of financial expectations prior to service
  • Ability for patient to link to provider’s website for “Self Estimation”

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