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Professional Services

Are inefficiencies in Patient Access and Front End Revenue Cycle resulting in reduced reimbursements and under-payments?

Investing in Revenue Cycle Quality Assurance tools like RQi enterprise™ and RQi practice management™ is the first step towards improving revenue cycle performance through employee empowerment. 

Kramer Technologies are pioneers in “Patient Access Quality Assurance” since 2004, and have been a major provider in healthcare reimbursement since 1995. 

This experience leads us to believe that the vital factor is patient access, combined with financial counseling, utilization, billing and management. 

This ensures accurate information that will identify errors and omissions prior to billing, enabling any potential errors to be prevented and guaranteeing a clean and accurately billed claim.

As a result of this, Kramer Technologies is now ready to introduce our next level of revenue cycle intervention services.

These tools include:

  • Revenue Cycle Performance Monitoring
  • Patient Access Performance Management
  • Automatic Claims Analysis and Recovery

Kramer Technologies’ Patient Access and Reimbursement Consultants have over 117 years of combined healthcare revenue cycle experience. 

Our consultants will help you to instantly identify downward trends in claims accuracy and immediately alert you exactly where the problems occur.

In addition to this, we will help you to identify these trends as they happen and provide experienced consultants to assess, report and manage them for you without the need to hire any additional FTEs. 

Kramers’s revenue cycle security monitoring service provides Personal Intervention to guarantee that your current pre-billing processes are Monitored around the clock at all times.

Revenue Cycle Performance Monitoring

Kramer Technologies begins by providing an Executive Performance Dashboard application which will allow any current RQi enterprise or RQi practice management clients to monitor all system and key performance indicators that affect claims prior to billing. 

All information is displayed in “real time” and can be accessed via a secure link on the client’s PC or via the Apple iPad. 

Technology tools are essential but effective service requires “real person” intervention.

Our trained Kramer Consultants will also be monitoring this information on a daily basis and alerting Clients via e-mail, text message or phone of any adverse trends. 

Patient Access Performance Management

In addition to Performance Monitoring, Kramer will provide a Dedicated Consultant assigned to your facility that will:

  • Analyze performance issues
  • Add or change rules to your RQi rules engine
  • Measure and monitor performance results
  • Make written recommendations to management on process changes
  • Attend facility meetings 

We will also develop concurrent educational programs for your new and existing colleagues and offer Customer Service and Leadership Training. 

Knowledge equals success!

Automatic Claims Analysis and Recovery

Kramer Technologies has a long history of provision in the reimbursement analysis and recovery business. 

Kramer has been providing reimbursement analysis and recovery services since 1995 to more than 500 healthcare providers around the country.  We are in a unique position to continue to provide these types of services without the need for additional IT intervention from our clients. 

At Kramer Technologies we process and store most client data and are able to analyze and compare client payment data for performance monitoring.  This means we are able to instantly identify and recover previously unknown reimbursement opportunities for our clients with minimal client involvement. 

All services are performed on a contingency fee basis without any risk to the client.