Patient Registration System

Kramer Technology’s Patient Registration System combines state of the art technology, industry experience and superior customer support to offer the user an unparalleled solution to patient registration.

Kramer’s Patient Registration System uses RQi patient identity, guaranteeing compliance with the FTC’s new Red Flag rule.  This rule requires all creditors to ensure the identify of credit recipients and includes all healthcare providers who offer payment plans to patients. 
Our Patient Registration System will ensure your compliance with the Red Flag rule.

The Patient Registration System offers users the most comprehensive fraud identity database available.
It draws from over 145 different database sources in order to provide a real-time score for identity verification, using in-wallet and out-of-wallet data.

The system’s world class analytics can be launched from the RQi dashboard.

The Patient Registration System is an automated, web-based solution that has been designed to detect and flag errors so that they may be corrected prior to discharge and billing.

RQi uses an intricate set of business rules to improve accuracy and can be customized to suit your needs.

A comprehensive level of staff training is also available.

The benefits that RQi will bring to your practice:

  • A client-drive, rules-based solution with a customized, logic-based patented rules engine
  • A web-based solution that is SAS 70 certified
  • 100% registration quality assurance
  • It empowers staff by improving morale and accountability
  • It identifies areas that need to be focused on for training purposes
  • Provides the user with convenient work lists in a dashboard-style format
  • Provides for the re-assignment of work lists
  • Enables screening at all ‘points of service’
  • Provides hierarchical reporting of roll-up data for Directors, Managers and Supervisors

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