Professional Services

By using our web based Compliance System in conjunction with on-site system matrix and processing reviews, Kramer Technologies can help assess the accuracy of a hospital's current contract management system and educate hospital users in areas of concern. Using Kramer Technologies’s combined clinical and technical expertise along with Kramer Technologies’s advanced web based technical tools, hospitals can achieve new insight and identify additional cash recovery opportunities.

As a Revenue Cycle Solutions firm, we have the expertise that both a managed care department and a business office need to provide ongoing contract variance reporting. This eliminates the necessity to buy or build managed care software and hire additional outside staff to program and monitor the system on an ongoing basis. Our professional experts are available to provide "cross model verification" of your facility's existing contract management system. Whether your facility is using McKesson, Medstat, TSI or any other managed care contract management/ payment compliance system, our experts can provide the payment compliance verification you need.

Kramer Technologies, Inc. employs information service and reimbursement professionals who have advanced understanding of managed care insurance processing models, advanced database programming and managed care reimbursement expertise. Our ability to analyze all patient information in both the hospital’s host system and its electronic billing system helps us identify discrepancies for financial recovery and provide improved contract negotiation management information and decisioin support. Detailed payment compliance reports and analyses are provided in a timely manner to both the business office and finance departments to assist them with management decisions and underpayment recovery projects.

Kramer Technologies, Inc. conducts comprehensive reviews and analyses of all facility contracts and models them individually for accuracy and interpretation. Our firm facilitates the download of hospital information to create variance, revenue, and exclusion reports. Through the secured internet website, detailed reports can be accessed and viewed by clients for decision making purposes such as:
  • Recalculation of Net Revenue
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Credit Balance Reconciliation
  • Collection of Underpayments
  • In-house Contract Management
  • Financial Impact Analysis

Some of our clients who have already purchased other contract management/payment compliance software have utilized our modeling and programming expertise to set up the matrices for their existing system. By modeling a hospital's data within our system, we can provide monthly monitoring of insurance payments and compliance reports.

This service can be part of a managed care recovery operation, or stand alone reporting system provided for retrospective or current accounts on a monthly basis.

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