Healthcare Registration: The Front Line in Patient Identity Verification and Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Registration. It sounds like it should be an easy process: a name, an address, a date of birth. And yet, it’s one of the front lines in the battle for healthcare quality assurance. Simple human errors made during patient registration turn into countless hours of costly corrections and edits. Uncaught errors lead to claim denials and resubmissions, dragging down your reimbursement percentage and slowing your revenue cycle.

Add to these worries the threat of medical identity theft, which can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars in fraudulent claims per year. The victims whose identities are stolen are faced with staggering bills for services that they never received. Their medical records are tainted with the wrong information, creating a potentially life-threatening hazard. And the healthcare institutions that were defrauded must now deal with a near-impossible bureaucratic nightmare.

To combat medical identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has enacted the Red Flags Rule, requiring all creditors -- including healthcare providers -- to confirm the identities of their clients. But if your healthcare registration system uses an out-of-date rules engine, or doesn't follow current data interchange standards, you might find yourself out of compliance.

Kramer Healthcare Technology’s solutions fortify your front line, addressing each of the problems of healthcare registration in an easy-to-use, web-based solution.

RQi™ enterprise
* Reviews patient information at the time of registration
* Identifies and corrects errors in real time, using a customized rules engine
* Eliminates additional errors through regularly scheduled batch processing
* Complies with latest SAS70 and HL7 standards for electronic healthcare data

RQi patient identity™
* Draws from over 145 different identity authentication databases, using both in-wallet and out-of-wallet data
* Produces a real-time score, alerting staff to possible errors or identity theft
* Complies with the new FTC Red Flags Rule

RQi patient address™
* Confirms USPS and secondary address listings in real time, and corrects 26% of non-ZIP+4    coded addresses
* Identifies and reports duplicate records
* Processes all changes of address registered nationally within the last 48 months

Put RQi™ on the front line of your healthcare registration process!

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